Undercover Investigations

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Among our many sophisticated security services is an Undercover Intelligence Division which specializes in positioning the individual who meets, exactly, the personal profile as specified by the Client. The undercover investigators in our Shortage Control Division analyze corporate surroundings and appear to be regular employees. Then ingratiate themselves with personnel to reveal those employees who maybe dishonest or damaging to an employer thereby eroding the company of its hard-earned profits.

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John Doe

CEO, Example Company


Our undercover operatives have been specifically trained to blend into specific corporate environment they are placed in. These individuals assume the normal duties as required by their respective positions and ingratiate themselves into the workforce. While performing the duties of a typical employee, these agents coordinate with AJ Squared’s Supervisors to ascertain that all areas of concern are analyzed. Findings are submitted to the respective AJ Squared office and are furnished confidentially, to designated client representatives most often at their home or other suitable addresses for future remedial or corrective action.

Professionally trained investigators

Our undercover investigators are professionally-trained and highly responsive to a clients’ need. They are further trained in the newest techniques for disclosing employee dishonesty. Most importantly, because of their position, they are easily able to identify those guilty and distinguish them from the innocent. Following the conclusion of each investigation, Management is able to:

  • Identify areas of dishonesty for corrective action
  • Rectify any unsatisfactory conduct on the part of the employee
  • Obtain evidence for remedial action, recovery of loss and prosecution
  • Uncover causes for persistent shortages and/or inaccurate inventories.
  • Reveal weaknesses and procedure which contribute to sabotage.
  • Evaluate employee attitudes and perceptions of Management


History has shown that the Intelligence gathered through the prudent use of our Undercover Operatives is the most effective technique for detailing dishonesty or unsavory activities so that Management may act upon this immediately and control such activities.

Our Undercover Account Executives who monitor each operative have had years of experience monitoring the highly sensitive and invaluable data revealed by their personnel. They ensure that operatives fully address respective specific Client concerns.

Additionally, our professionals are made available to personally interrogate those individuals revealed in each investigation. This allows Management maximum opportunity to recoup losses and rectify weaknesses in policy and procedures which allow for dishonesty throughout the years.

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