Shopping Services

High-caliber security professionals to protect your business

Our Shopping programs have been developed to allow our clients, the anonymous ability to objectively rate exacting criteria at designated locations across the United States and in parts of Europe.

Our Mystery and Integrity Shopping Services are highly customized to satisfy respective Client requirements. Maximum results are obtained when a program of regular weekly, monthly, or quarterly inspections are maintained.

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Mystery Shopping Division

Our team of professional field personnel, posing as anonymous consumers, are actually trained investigators who carefully follow the path of cash tendered during a sales transaction. They quickly and effectively identify misappropriation on the part of sales personnel and cashiers and furnish confidential reporting to designated Client representative in the strictest of confidence – usually to their home address. And, our shoppers frequently reveal weaknesses in systems and procedure which allow for personnel discourtesy.

Integrity Shopping Service

AJ Squared Integrity Shopping Service at such diverse establishments as retail and wholesale outlets, fast-food chains, lumber yards, bowling centers, cruise lines, sporting goods stores, banks, cosmetics outlets, coffee bar, hotels, bars/lounges and restaurant dining rooms have afforded Management the opportunity to:

  • Evaluate staff attentiveness, efficiency, motivation and product knowledge
  • Uncover employee misappropriation
  • Identify security and procedural weaknesses which may allow for cashier weakness and dishonesty
  • Determine if unauthorized transactions are being conducted such as unrecorded or discounted purchases
  • Reveal unauthorized discounts to friends or relatives (“sweet-hearting”)
  • Expose illicit arrangements between customers and cashiers, or between vendors, shippers, and/or receivers
  • Reports on the presence or absence of management and their activities at the time of an inspection/visit
  • Confirm that credit is being applied to the appropriate profit centers within the business


Both our Mystery and Integrity Shopping Services have virtually remained unchanged since the company began. With the advent of the modern, more sophisticated cashiering procedures, such as bar code scanning and point of purchase (POS systems) in bars, dining rooms, and in retail outlets, there remains no better way to accurately observe where the cash tendered during a sales transaction actually goes; in a register or an employee’s pocket.

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