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AJ Squared Security, Inc. is a quality driven company. We provide quality security, based on client specifications, and our pledge of partnership, commitment and continuous improvement.The best way to ensure the most reliable security is to put the best possible candidate for the job in the position. That’s why AJ Squared uses an extensive screening process when hiring and continues with intensive candidate evaluation for specific jobs.

AJ Squared’s commitment to employee training and development is second-to-none. Well-designed, professionally executed training programs help produce knowledgeable and motivated employees, which results in lower turnover, less absenteeism, and higher standards of performance than most of our competitors.

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To attract and retain the high-caliber personnel necessary for your security needs, AJ Squared offers employees a competitive compensation package. Wage determinations include consideration of the local labor market, working environment and the skill level and performance objectives required for officers. However, wages are only one aspect to AJ Squared’s extensive compensation package. Other items could include:

Paid Vacation

Performance Incentives

Free Uniforms

Paid Holiday

Security Officer of the Month

Referral Bonus

Career Advancement Training

Holiday Gifts

Life Insurance


Our management style is proactive and personal. At any given time, there are several qualified people to handle any challenge. These people are backed up with support from AJ Squared’s corporate office.

To ensure continuity in security officer service, AJ Squared develops and maintains well-indexed, site specific written instructions known as post orders for the officer on duty for each post on your site. These post orders are offered in manual or computerized formats and compile detailed instructions designed for quick reference in case of emergency.

AJ Squared audits your post orders on a regular basis. Our standardized format enables us to easily update the instructions and incorporate special directions. Proper documentation of procedures is just one more way AJ Squared maintains quality.

We maintain all forms of required insurance including comprehensive general liability, worker compensation and automobile coverage. Special coverage can be added for unique situations.

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