Background Investigations

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The Comprehensive Background Investigation have long been used to accurately gauge work history along with employment qualifications and permanency intent, it can also be structures to measure integrity and an individuals character. This is in addition to examining the credit and criminal history, driving records (DMV) of prospective employees prior to their hire. This Division can further be utilized to validate the loyalty of an employee long after they’ve been payroll.
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In-depth background investigations


Employers have increasingly relied on the Background Investigation to thoroughly screen and confirm qualifications of prospective employees. In most cases, traditional screening such as applications, resumes, interviews, reference check and skill tests fall short and cannot be substituted for AJ Squared’s vast experience in evaluating employee Integrity. A typical report may include:


SSN Verification

DMV Record

Employment History


Criminal Record

Education Background

Military Record

Consumer Credit Report


Residential Information Studies

Telephone Company Listing

Citizenship Verification

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